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Rebecca Fitton, MYB Alumna

Three years ago, I closed an incredibly important chapter of my dance career- I took my last bow as a member of Makaroff Youth Ballet in a collaborative performance with the Fox Valley Youth Symphony. While it was bittersweet at the time, I would not trade my years in the company for any other experience.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Rebecca Fitton and I was a member of Makaroff Youth Ballet from 2005-2013. Yes, I am one of the originals from back when it was Children’s Ballet Theater. In the eight years of my involvement, I grew physically and mentally in ways I would have never experienced without the wonderful community of MYB and mentorship of Jeanette.  My training with the company has undoubtedly led to the career I am currently pursuing. I am in my third year of dance studies at the Florida State University. In a year, I will graduate with my BFA with Honors in dance as well as a minor in biological sciences. But my education at FSU has been more than just those three letters of a degree. I’ve said goodbye to the pointe shoes and am now diving into the world of improvisation and experimental/immersive dance theater. I learned to write about dance performance and its social relevancy to other fields of study. I also immersed myself in the process of creating performances and have had the chance to show a lot of challenging work. This summer, I will be attending a workshop in Salzburg, Austria at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance to further my research into post-modern dance. Additionally, I will be traveling to Washington, DC to perform at the Kennedy Center with the FSU School of Dance. We will be performing Alex Ketley’s Poem (Part 1) at the National College Dance Festival. After a quick return to Wisconsin, I will then spend my fall semester studying in New York City. I will be taking academic and movement classes while also working as an intern with an established dance organization in the city. This opportunity is unique to FSU’s program and one I am very excited about.

And after my graduation, which is coming all too quickly, I will continue to pursue my career. As with many other types of careers it will be a continued exploration into what exactly “I want to be when I grow up.” However, I know that movement in some form will be involved.

In the mean time, I will be around the studio this summer still trying to figure out how to plié and tendu. If you see me please come say hi and feel free to ask me any questions!

Rebecca Fitton
MYB Alumna

Photo: Melissa Artieda,

Photo: Melissa Artieda,